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    Welcome to Butcherblock's very own ~ The Black Knights! We are a level 90 guild always looking to grow and have fun in everything we do.

    If you are interested in joining us, it is highly recommended that you speak with a member of the guild in game before you sign up on the website, however, if you desire, you can provide an application in the recruitment forum.

    Before registering to the site, please visit the visitor's forums because there has been some naming issues caused by the vast amount of members of guild portal. Your desired name may be taken already, but there is a post explaining how you can let us know who you are once approved to the website.

Thank You!

Guild News

Avatars Now Available!

Flag_90, Oct 26, 10 1:49 PM.
We now have a few avatars available. You may view them in the gallery. If you like one, save it to a folder on your computer, then while logged into the website, click on the Character/Settings link and enter your settings area. On the first page of it, you will see 2 empty boxes and a browse button. Click browse, find the picture you saved from the avatars gallery and click on it, hit ok, and then click SAVE at the bottom of you character/settings page you are in. Then go post something & you should see your new Avatar!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Flag_90, Oct 24, 10 8:50 PM.

SOE registers "EverQuest II Destiny Of Velious."

EverQuest II players have long hoped for an expansion returning players to Velious.  Scars of Velious, the second expansion in the original EverQuest, was a favorite of long-time players.  With the appearance of the the icy Order of Rime last summer many players were sure Velious was coming, and were surprised when Sentinel's Fate took EQII players to the lost island of Odus. 

Astute player Vulkoor found some interesting files downloading in April, which included othmir (an otter race from Velious) and Tserrina the near-legendary boss of the original Tower of Frozen Shadow.  The appearance of Coldain dwarves in New Halas (now on the EQII test servers), have expectations high.

Today observant (and persistant) players found an entry at the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  SOE applied for the trademark on EVERQUEST II DESTINY OF VELIOUS.

While we're sure SOE will not announce the 7th EverQuest II expansion before they're ready, we feel confident in predicting that yes, the next expansion will return us to the land of snow bunnies and Thurgadin, frost giants and the Temple of Veeshan.

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We are always recruiting players who love to have fun. We enjoy socializing, questing, hq's, writs, etc. Come join us and give us a try. Feel free to talk to any of us in game if you want more info.
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